We’ve been working our bodies all over the world for well over 10 years and have helped hundreds of very happy, confident clients do the same. Body By You is a versatile and professional fitness training company that helps people build, re-build, shape and transform their bodies in a variety of ways to fuel their life’s requirements.

BBY is headed up by Tamara Vahn, a 2x Canadian National Fitness Champion, former Miss Fitness Canada and current International Fitness Pro. Why? Because we were meant to move and sometimes people forget how or don’t know how to move better. Our foundation? Keepin’ it real. You don’t live in a bubble, and your fitness should not be delivered that way. Our mission is to provide a fitness and nutrition platform that will inspire, guide and challenge women and men in a way that can be enjoyable, adaptable and sustainable. Don’t get old. Move better. Get better!!!

We want our community to be stimulated and successful in all elements of their fitness. We are physically located in Oakville Ontario and we operate virtually to deliver much of our service line globally. We offer lifestyle fitness classes, Prenatal Fitness, ‘Mum & Bub’ Postnatal fitness, in-person training, online training and meal plans, and contest preparation services like posing, coaching and choreography. We also provide you with access to high quality fitness aids, sporting goods and institutional gear for your home, yard, holiday workout and more. Check out our services and let’s see how we can help you in the next phase of your fitness journey.

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  •  IFBB Pro, Cert. Personal Trainer,
    Cert. Pre & Postnatal Fitness
  •  Experience: 11+ years



 Tamara is a dynamic professional with a fresh attitude. Her wealth of knowledge in fitness, nutrition and life form the perfect apex for her clients and participants

 She really has ‘been there, done that’ and can certainly empathize with most in their fitness challenges which makes her quite unique. When we say ‘been there, done that’ we mean it. To sum it up, she has experienced being kind-of-fit, really super fit, very unfit, working the corporate life, winning contests, changing careers, starting over (more than once), moving overseas (twice), pregnancy and birth, loss of babies, her mom and herself, depression, anxiety, changing habits and being successful. Her motto: “There are no limits, just temporary challenges. Let’s see what this body can do”!

Through it all and now in her 40’s (not afraid to say it) Tamara has become a transformation expert. Not to mention she is an IFBB Pro Fitness athlete, Lolë Ambassador, 2x Canadian National Fitness Champion, former professional dancer and former Miss Fitness Canada.

Movement has always been in Tamara’s blood. Born to very motivating and sport-minded parents, she was in dance and gymnastics studios at the age of 3, on skis at age 4 and swimming at age 5. By age 10 Tamara was well aware of the drive to compete, what it takes and what the journey can feel like.

Not only becoming a competitive athlete through her teens, she was also heavily involved in school activities and team management. You name it, Tamara tried it and did it. Fast forward a bit, Tamara received her Honors Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University and climbed the ranks in consulting as a managing director of a customer management strategy firm. In what was a fantastic yet overwhelming career, Tamara created an opportunity to experience life elsewhere on the planet which opened the door to changing careers completely and pursuing fitness. Over 10 years on and hundreds of clients fitter, healthier, and happier with themselves, Tamara has not stopped trying to drive serious effective change in people and continues to evolve herself.

 Quick Facts

  • Mom of 2 little humans
  • Creator of the Body By You Intensity Challenge
  • 2018 Lolë Ambassador
  • IFBB Pro Fitness athlete
  • Posing Coach
  • Certified Personal Training Specialist
  • Certified Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist
  • Licensed Zumba Instructor – in good standing since 2010. Licensed to teach STRONG By Zumba®, Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, Aqua Zumba®, Zumbini®
  • 2x Canadian National Fitness Champion (representative on Team Canada for World Fitness Championships in Spain 2008)
  • Certified Standard First Aid & CPR C + AED (always current)
  • Fitness Model
  • Former Professional Dancer
  • Former IDFA Judge
  • Former IDFA Pro Figure Competitor
  • Former Miss Fitness Canada
  • Former Miss Figure Canada




  •  Cert. Yoga Instructor
  •  Experience: 2+ years



 Sharon is a talented and experienced Fitness and Yoga Instructor, with a passion for helping others succeed. 

A while ago, Sharon took her son to the doctor because he was experiencing back pain after a hockey game. Little did she know this would change the course of her life. Doctors said her son had essentially broken his back and was found to have osteoporosis. She immediately had the whole family checked and she herself had been diagnosed with a mild version of Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This explained numerous fractures she experienced as a child and low bone density. It was at this time, in 2013, where Sharon’s journey with Yoga began as she was advised by her doctor to do so.

At the time she was not very fit and not really interested in yoga. Plus she was afraid that it would cause problems not fix them. But she went. After the first class she was hooked. She not only liked it, but shocked that she actually loved it!

She started practicing regularly and started gaining upper body strength. She was surprised because she never had strength like this due to collar bone and wrist fractures. Her core strength improved immensely as well.

The improvements she and her doctor were seeing was life changing. She knew at this point she wanted to teach and help others achieve what’s possible for them. Once she felt strong enough and ready she did her 200 hours of teacher training and became a certified Yoga instructor.

She loves teaching. Her aim is to help and encourage students to enjoy, challenge themselves and fall in love with yoga just like she did. While at the same time being mindful to their own bodies, knowing their limitations, accepting them and moving forward because we are all different and fantastically unique.




  •  Cert. Personal Trainer
  •  Experience: 7+ years



     Ashley is an experienced and certified Personal Trainer with a love for competitive sports and training. 

    Growing up in an active household, Ashley always knew that she wanted physical activity to be a big part of her life. Much of her childhood was spent at the local soccer fields, ski hills and hockey arenas. Since graduating from Brock University in 2009, Ashley has worn many hats in the fitness industry – from coaching youth soccer and ski racing, to managing the day-to-day operations of a busy fitness facility. And most recently, she has been running a successful in-home personal training business.

    Ashley has experience in all sorts of competitive sports. She has even completed her fair share of running races – 5K, 10K and half marathons. After suffering a hip fracture, she delved into strength and mobility training where she saw and felt amazing changes both on the inside and outside of her body.

    She believes that the benefits of staying active are so much more than just physical gains, and is passionate about helping her clients achieve a healthy body image through a variety of training methods. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys chasing after her little boy, playing women’s hockey, running, and enjoying a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.




    •  BFA, Graduate Cert. Arts Admin & Cultural Development
    •  Experience: 2 years



         Brennyn is a dynamic and resourceful individual with a passion for fitness.  She brings many talents including content management and events planning. 

        Coming from a family of sport psychologist’s and professional athletes, Brennyn was instilled from a young age with a passion for healthy active living. For her formal education though Brennyn chose to follow her passion of creativity and art, receiving a BFA from OCAD University, in Sculpture and Installation, and her Graduate Certificate from Humber College, in Arts Administration and Cultural Management. Since graduating she has been working as Events Coordinator in the Arts and Culture and Non-Profit sectors.

        Although having a career in the Arts Brennyn kept her passion for fitness alive by staying self-motivated, educated, and creating her own personal fitness routine. Last year she made the decision to take her training and commitment to health and fitness to the next level by beginning to train for a bodybuilding competition. She very quickly fell in love with the world of fitness and the dedication, drive, and the community that it fosters. Brennyn is currently working towards her Personal Training Certificate, and is very excited about the adventures and possibilities it will open.

        Brennyn has been working with Body By You since 2018 as a Special Projects Manager, and soon to be Trainer as well! Her goal is to help evolve Body By You into an dynamic, impactful, and multi-dimensional fitness and events company. She will be creating content, events, and MORE all for your benefit and knowledge!

        Her current personal fitness goal is to continue her training and compete again this season, with the guidance of our very on Tamara Vahn as her coach!


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