5 Week Shape Up Challenge – Season 4


Get Un-Stuck & Break Through to a New You

Season 4 of The Body By You 5 Week Shape Up Challenge will open for registration soon!

Our tentative kick off date is Aug 21st.

Our previous participants lost an astounding 158 lbs and dropped over 500 cm (197 inches) cumulatively. And believe it or not, this is not a weight loss challenge. This is a lifestyle challenge.

Are you ready to SHAPE UP YOUR LIFE?

If the answer is YES…Let’s go!!!

Once we open registration it will remain open until Aug 21st, 2021 at midnight EST. Then it closes because everyone is starting this Challenge TOGETHER regardless where you live on this planet!

We want you to challenge your body & get amazing results. And you will get results! How do we know that? We’ve done this before. We specialize in transformations for those who are ready. And we’re not just talking weight loss. It’s WAY more than that. 

We’re bringing you a trifecta of psychology, nutrition and exercise to get you ready to shape your body, get un-stuck, kick it into a higher gear and feel stronger tomorrow than you did today. 

“I’ve found you are the only team to use the incredibly broad sciences of training and nutrition to try and get everyone a number of opportunities to find the path that fits them best”. Kirk (BBY 5WC Graduate)

This Challenge is designed to help you shape the way you treat your body and give you the tools and support to rev up your metabolism, burn fat, get out of some bad habits and hurl you towards leveling up your health and fitness.

“Feeling good and confident this can continue after the 5 weeks – it’s become a lifestyle change that was much needed”. Mary (BBY 5WC Graduate)

This is for people who:

  • Are tired of feeling tired. The state of our world right now is exhausting!
  • Are tired of saying they are not being as strong as they used to be.
  • Need to get off the ‘Snack-Train’ specifically (we’ve been a passenger).
  • Need a stronger CORE specifically (over 70% of people do)
  • Need a plan, with like-minded people (virtually) and a coach to guide them through it.

“The structure and motivation I got exceeded my expectations”. Jacqui (BBY Intensity Challenge Graduate)

This is not a program you pay, download and do on your own. You will be COACHED, SUPPORTED and EXPECTED to do the work so you can reap MAJOR IMPACT & RESULTS!

How It Works:

  • Register and claim your first victory…your new commitment to gain clarity and power your body nutritionally and physically.
  • Complete your kick-start forms and do the get-started activities (these will begin approx. 1 week before kick off).
  • The program kicks off on Saturday Aug 21st. 
  • Follow the week by week information.
  • Do the work! Most of this Challenge is done on your own time. You set your schedule. You make yourself the priority. And you get it done!
  • Check in.
  • Commit to exercising 4 times a week minimum.
  • Bring your energy, drive, and ambition to shape up your body!

What You’ll Get:

  • Nutrition guidelines – These are body powering foundation principles that will allow you to form successful habits. This feeds your Meal Plan itself.
  • Proven Meal plan that’s designed to power and protect your body. 
  • Weekly healthy Recipe Packs to guide you when you’re feeling un-inventive.
  • Training guidelines, exercising tips and workouts with how-to videos delivered to your device.
  • On demand workout videos led by BBY Instructors.
  • Weekly focus initiatives to keep your mind right and on track.
  • Solution scenarios when encountering barriers.
  • Weekly team check in call.
  • Weekly email check in with Tamara.
  • Before & Afters.
  • VIP FB community for everyone doing the Challenge.
  • And much more…we like to give tips, answer questions, bring in other expert contributors and stuff like that!


Have questions? Check out the FAQs in the tab below or send us a message to hello@bodybyyou.ca! We want you to be confident in your decision to work with us.

Q: Why is the Challenge 5 weeks and not 4?
A: We have run many challenges in the past and we truly want people to feel successful. We find many past participants have highly valued the extra week because the first week often feels like they are just getting organized, prepped and need a few days to get into the groove.

Q: Do I need fitness equipment?
A: Quick answer is No. We know many gyms, condo exercise rooms and community centres are still closed for some and people don't necessarily have equipment at home. We will have 3 types of training programs everyone will be able to access:
- Programs that do not require any equipment (just your body)
- Programs that feature some training aids that people may have at home such as light dumbbells, resistance bands, mini bands, swiss ball, etc.
- Programs that can be done in the gym (for those that have access).

Q: I have special dietary needs. Can you accommodate for this?
A: We will absolutely work around any food allergies participants may have. In addition to this, meal plans for vegan/vegetarians will be available. The meal plans offered in the 5 Week Shape Up Challenge are rooted in a set of guidelines focused on healthy living and balance while limiting inflammation so your body can calm down and work smarter. It is not a 'diet' or one prescribed way of eating such as Keto or Low Carb. If you have any additional questions related to the meal plans and your circumstances please send us an email so we can address your specific needs and if they can be met through the Challenge.

Q: What is the cost?
A: The value of this program is way more than what we're charging ($449) but we get people may be in a pinch due to the global pandemic and we need to help people on all levels. This will be worth the investment in yourself and will pay off after the Challenge is completed. The material you receive can be used through your life to tackle challenges, keep you balanced, keep you on track or get you back on track if you happen to sight-see on your transformation journey.



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