Take some of the guess work out of your food prep and shock your guests with these delectable delights!

Check what’s inside your
Holiday Recipe Pack

10 Delicious Recipes

Grocery List for Quick & Organized Shopping

All Curated by International Fitness Pro Tamara Vahn for Power-Packed Taste

Loaded with Nutritional Goodness

Serving Sizes, Prep & Cook Times, and Macros are listed for Mental Ease

Quick View Recipe Key to find set go-to’s like Vegetarian or High Protein meals

Plus you get My Fitness Pal Barcodes on each Recipe for easy Nutritional Tracking


5-Week Shape Up Challenge

Season 5 is almost a wrap!

Our Challengers are digging deep and right before the Holiday Season because time waits for no one. They are already ahead of the game when it comes to celebrating the holidays and poised for an amazing start to the new year.

Their transformations will be shared on IG so follow us and get inspired.

Our next 5 Week Shape Up edition will launch in the new year. You’ll get the plan…you’ll get a framework…you’ll get flexibility…and most of you’ll get our team for true accountability.

We want people that are craving to make changes so they can feel better in their bodies…appreciate their bodies more…and be open to looking at food and fitness a little differently.

You will learn new things about yourself.  You will change your perspective. You will get GUIDANCE, GET ON TRACK, & PREP LIKE A PRO so you can show up in life better, stronger, more confident and most of all more aware about how to edit your future body!

Home workout pack

Live On Our App

Done-for-you workouts delivered to your personal device!
Currently we are upgrading this service to bring you more impactful content. Check back soon so you can stop wasting time trying to figure out what exercises you should be doing and scouring the internet to find descriptions and videos. 

These Hand-Crafted workouts can be done at home, outdoors or anywhere! Most of the workouts don’t require equipment. However, we develop some that include dumbbells, mini bands, resistance bands or balls for those of you with some equipment.

These workouts are designed by Fitness Olympian Tamara Vahn and her team of certified trainers for beginners, intermediate  and experienced fitness movers and shakers.  Let us take the guess work out of your home training endeavours. Come back soon to see our amp’d up content to help you stay fit at home.

A Body By You Exclusive

New E-Book Launch

Strength Training & Fitness Conditioning: For Runners
This eBook showcases why the addition of strength and conditioning training is essential to enhancing the efficiency of running.  It outlines a stretching protocol specific to runners. It also breakdowns a selection of key exercises that will be a valuable addition to the runner’s training toolkit.

Why Choose Us

Specialty Training Series

We hope to resume our Specialty Training Series soon. Since you can’t come to see us at the moment, we hope you will take advantage of training with us online.

At the moment, we currently offer done-for-you at-home workouts you can access any time of the day via our training app. And of course, we still offer our exclusive individual online coaching service that’s customized specifically for you and tons of communication to keep you accountable and on track every step of the way.   Contact us and let’s get you moving more towards becoming your latest and greatest self!

5 Session PT Pack

Introductory Personal Training Package

Strength Building

This is something you have to do for YOU. It is and should be, all about you.  It’s flexible, so you can make these sessions exactly what you need them to be.

Family First

Who’d think that this group would somehow form a family like the way we all became
the Brady Bunch.

Beginner to Advanced

This consult plus 5 session PT pack is great for beginner, intermediate and advanced movers and shakers. 

Fitness Journey

Start your fitness journey for the first time, safely and properly.  Get new ideas on how to train, what to squeeze, and try new equipment.

What We’re All About



Whether you’re 20, 40 or 70, you have the right to be FIT and actually have fun doing it! Body By You is a versatile and professional fitness training company that helps people build, re-build, shape and transform their bodies in a variety of ways to make a positive impact on their life.

Let’s face it…your life is unique. And it demands you, pulls you and wills you to do things and go places. Whether you want to keep up more with your kids, prepare your body for pregnancy and beyond, enter a race or contest, go on a trekking vacation or just look tantalizing at 25, fabulous at 40 or sexy at 60, your body needs to be there for you.

We aim to inspire you, guide you and challenge you so you are more ready than before to tackle whatever life throws at you.


We help our clients through their fitness journeys and we never leave them in the dark. Sometimes it’s to achieve a very specific goal and other times we’re involved in the journey as it weaves around, up and down from year to year.

This may include personal training, pre & postnatal fitness training, online training programming, lifestyle nutrition counsel, fitness classes, preparing for a fitness competition and even workplace training, team building or corporate seminars.

We also assist our clients in procuring fitness related equipment from exercise bands and foam rollers to large scale items for their home gym.

Don’t know where to start? Have lots of questions? Not sure what you need?

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