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Bodies & Beer™ is BACK. And it’s happening again inside Cameron’s Brewery in Oakville Ontario.

This is fitness like you’ve never experienced before. Come on out to SWEAT & REFRESH with us!

This is an event like no other. Local fitness organizations including Body By You, Chris Wong Fitness, Extension Pilates & Wellness Coaching and POUND® by Trista are coming together to deliver 1 amazing workout that will be held right inside the beer making facility at Cameron’s.

You don’t need to be a fitness super-star. You just have to want to get up, get out, be active and have some fun. Men and women of all fitness levels will enjoy this.

Tickets are limited so hurry and get yours before we sell out!

The Workout

The event starts with a 1-hour circuit based workout featuring unique exercise stations peppered around the facility that uses craft and chemistry to make its craft beers.

Now, this isn’t your typical workout. This is like going to a variety of different fitness facilities all at one time. You will engage in exercises that will challenge your entire body. As you move from station to station, you will experience strength, conditioning, grit, cardio and musicality from POUND® by Trista, Extension Pilates & Wellness Coaching, Chris Wong Fitness and Body By You.

*Must be 16+ to participate in the workout.

Beer Tasting

Following the workout, you will cool down, kick back and refresh with Cameron’s craft beer tasting experience. Experts will be on hand to guide you through the tasting and you’ll have a chance to talk to the fitness pros who created your workout and find out more about them and their specialties.

Those partaking in the beer tasting must be of legal drinking age.

Support and Spectators – Whether you come by yourself, or register with a friend or family member, you are going to have a blast. And if you have an entourage, we want you to bring friends or family to support you. General spectators are free to come and cheer you on for that extra motivation.